Horse Whisperer Caught Kicking and Whipping Tied Horse

Durengo, Mexico – Emiliano Gamero was one of the most respected horse trainers in Mexico.  After retiring undefeated from bull fighting, he became a self-proclaimed horse whisperer.  His training company did extremely well, and his popularity and fame gave him everything he could ask for.  All that would change when he was caught on camera beating a defenseless horse tied to his trailer.

Emiliano Gamero and horse.
Emiliano Gamero and horse.

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The video starts with Gamero walking behind the horse, which kicks out at him.  He walked beside the horse and kicked it twice in the stomach.  Gamero then leaves and walks behind the trailer.  He comes back to the horse that originally kicked at him, and has his worker move another horse that is tied beside the offender.  Gamero then proceeds to whip the horse mercilessly while it tries its best to defend itself against the brutal attack.  A bystander asks Gamero to stop, but he simply says “Why, are they yours?”  He goes on to explain that it is like spanking a misbehaving child.

Gamero has removed his website and almost all content from his social media accounts, but screenshots of his profile pictures show what one could assume was a true horseman.  His act of violence has sparked outrage around the world, and a petition has been started to pull his training license in Mexico.

Emiliano Gamero's profile.
Emiliano Gamero’s profile.

Gamero has apologized for his behavior in a video that has been pulled from Youtube.  In the video, near the end, he says “My horses are my legs, they are the love of my life.”

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