Horses Injured and Dead From Fireworks


All across the United States people legally and illegally set off fireworks last night in celebration.  Nearly everyone loves watching the bright lights and loud explosions from the spectacular display, but the same sights and sounds bring absolutely terror to horses.

“We’ve got horses injured, broken legs, broken necks, were having to euthanize some. Even horses in stalls, as I had one trying to climb and get out to get away from it,” Team Aloha Stables, in Kentucky, owner Wendy Winstead told reporters.  She went on to say “They were so big and loud that it got my horses running and mares and foals were screaming. They were terrorized basically.  They are fight or flight animals. They don’t know how to fight it. They don’t understand; therefore they are going to start running.”  68 horses were in pasture at Team Aloha, and nearly all of them panicked during the fireworks.

Kathy Snyder, a horse breeder in Kentucky, told reporters one of her horses died from the fireworks.  “The grass was wet. He ran spooked, scared out of his life and broke his hip.  The next morning I had to have him euthanized.”

In Lake Helen, Florida, a horse suffered from a heart attack and died while being ridden by a teenage girl during the celebration.

Quiet fireworks, that are designed to provide the visual excitement without the explosive sounds, are becoming quiet popular in Europe.  Britain only allows quiet fireworks at venues that are close to livestock, wildlife or people.

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