Law Students Seek to Ban Rodeo After Horse Dies

Bucking Horse at Saint-Tite
Bucking Horse at Saint-Tite

Montreal, Canada – Law students at the University of Montreal have filed an injunction, seeking to stop Montreal’s Urban Rodeo plans for the city’s 375th anniversary this summer.  “This barbaric activity has no place in Montreal,” said Alanna Devine, Montreal SPCA director of animal advocacy said in a news release.

The injunction was filed after a horse died at a rodeo in Saint-Tite.  The bucking horse threw the rider, then collapsed on the ground.  Attending veterinarians believe a nerve was pinched in the horse’s back, causing him to fall to the ground and die.

Montreal’s mayor is emphatic that the rodeo will happen, despite some major sponsors dropping out.  “We agree to disagree. You can ask me all the questions you want, in any way you want, and you will get exactly the same answer. End of story,” he told reporters.

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