Live Donkey Fed to Zoo Tigers

Donkey being pushed into the tiger pen.
Donkey being pushed into the tiger pen.

Eastern China – Workers in red rain jackets were videod by shocked bystanders as they pushed a helpless donkey down a ramp and into the tiger cage at the private Yancheng Safari Park.  The donkey struggled to stay on the ramp, but the men mercilessly pushed it into the moat that surrounds the tiger cage.

The men in red coats were hired by an zoo shareholder, who was having a dispute with the zoo, to remove some animals from the zoo.  When the men were stopped from removing the animals, they pushed the donkey into the tiger cage.  Security rushed to the scene and stopped the men from pushing their next victims, sheep and lamps, into the moat.  “Since those animals are not going to bring profit to me anyway, then why don’t l just feed them to the tiger, in that way l can save some feed,” the shareholder told reporters.

The donkey survived a horrifying 30 minutes before succumbing to the combined attacks of 2 tigers.

No word on if charges will be filed against those responsible for the horrific animal abuse against the donkey.

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