Loaded Brook Ledge Trailer Wrecks

Wrecked Brook Ridge trailer with horse inside.
Wrecked Brook Ridge trailer with horse inside.

Redlands, California – A Brooke Ledge trailer with 7 horses inside traveling from Seattle to Thermal was involved in a two car accident aroun 8:00 am Wednesday morning. Several horses were injured in the accident, ranging from minor to serious.  Brook Ledge is a well-known horse transportation company, which specializes in safely shipping high dollar horses to shows and races.   The company described the accident in a statement on their Facebook page. “While traveling with a load of horses another tractor trailer who was passing ours, hit the median, bounced off and collided into the side our trailer.”

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One horse was severely injured, and was taken to a nearby veterinarian hospital.  The other horses were checked on the scene by a vet, and cleared to travel.  The horses were transferred to another trailer and continued their journey.  A vet was waiting upon their arrival at their destination to check them over once again.

Police, Highway Patrol, and Animal Control were all on scene to assist with the accident.


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