Man Arrested After Trying to Punch Police Horse

Police horses (stock photo.)
Police horses (stock photo.)

Worcester, Massachusetts – A man was arrested after he tried to punch a police horse in the face.  The incident occurred during a town festival near the beer tent.

David Pagan, 59, tried to push his way through a group of police horses.  The officers told him to back up, but instead he began pushing into a horse’s chest with his shoulder.  An officer grabbed his collar and pushed him backwards away from the horse.  “Pagan stepped to the side of the horse and got into an aggressive posture by quickly raising his fist in an attempt to punch the horse in the face,” police said in a statement. “The horse instinctively jumped back and away from the male which caused a hazard to Mr. Pagan, the officer and to the horse.”

Pagan was arrested after a struggle with officers and charged with assault and battery on a police officer, resisting arrest and interfering with a police horse.  He continued to cause a disturbance after being arrested by kicking at officers and yelling profanities.

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