Mass Euthanasia Misinformation Hurts Rescue Efforts

Horses standing in flood water.
Horses standing in flood water.

Beaumont, Texas – As with any large-scale disaster, those involved with the rescue and care of the animals affected by Hurricane Harvey are overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of animals requiring rescue and shelter.  Volunteers are working tirelessly for days on end, sleep, food and water deprived, doing everything possible to ensure the animals are cared for.

Misinformation, placed on the internet by “trolls” and others who criticize the rescue efforts, is hurting the rescue efforts in very real ways.  Due to the misinformation spread by certain people and groups online, people are hesitant to seek help for their animals that are in desperate need of medical help.

One of the particularly vicious rumors, that officials were “prematurely euthanizing horses” so they wouldn’t have to transport them, is patently false according to Dr. Nick Moore, of Moore Equine Dental Services in Georgetown.

In a video Dr Moore posted to his Facebook page live from the Ford Arena, he states “All these horses are being treated.  Nobody is being euthanized, and no horses are being taken away from their owners.”  He further states that, contrary to the rumors, the ASPCA has been nothing but supportive, and has not kicked any volunteers or rescuers out.

“You guys that are out there spreading bad information are actually hurting and killing animals,” Dr Moore states near the end of his video.


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