Mustang Project Neglects Suffering Horse For Two Years

Cheyenne's Hooves
Cheyenne's Hooves

Corning, California – Pat Inns was only looking for answers, and help, for a horse pastured at the corner of McLane Ave and Alfareta Ln.  The horse appeared to have a broken leg, and its hooves were overgrown in such a shocking way that everyone who saw the photos were horrified.

Inns posted two photos of the horse on her Facebook page, asking if anyone knew the owner.  “I’ve call the Sherrif’s dept. 2x’s. They say that they are aware of this ‘mustang.’ Do you see a freeze brand? I don’t ! They say a vet is suppose to look at her! It’s been weeks now! If you know who owns this poor horse call it in!!! Please, share and help this poor girl get the care she needs. No animal should suffer this way,” she wrote.

The horse, named Cheyenne, was owned by The Mustang Project.  The Mustang Project rescued Cheyenne, a Sheldon National Forest Mustang, from possibly going to slaughter in 2015.  Cheyenne allegedly arrived with a previously broken leg that healed wrong and overgrown feet.  Rather than giving Cheyenne either the medical treatment she needed, or humanely euthanizing her, The Mustang Project turned her out with a small herd of horses in a pasture surrounded only with a barbed and field wire fence that barely came to her belly, where her health deteriorated and her hooves continued to grow.  A photo posted on The Mustang Project’s Facebook page from 2015 showed Cheyenne in good health with overgrown hooves, but in no way comparable to the condition she is in today.  The caption with the photo stated Cheyenne was 12 years old at the time.

Due to the pressure from social media, Animal Control visited the home.  The residents showed documentation that a vet had been notified about the horse, and that they were seeking a treatment plan.

KRCR TV went to the property and talked to some people who claimed to be the owner of the horse.  They wished to remain anonymous and refused to talk on camera, but stated that the horse was over 20 years old and had arrived in its current condition.

Once The Mustang Project realized social pressure was growing, they attempted to find a veterinarian with a tranquilizer gun or build a catch pen.  They were concerned that if they attempted to catch Cheyenne, the other horses in the field would become stressed from contact with humans.

The latest update posted states that a veterinarian tranquilized Cheyenne and she was humanely euthanized, but Shaylee VanDoorn stated that at 5:30 pm Cheyenne was still up and there was no sign of any activity at the pasture.

According to their latest 990 available, 2014, The Mustang Project has nearly $50,000 in cash in a bank account.

Cheyenne neglected in her pasture.
Cheyenne neglected in her pasture.
Cheyenne's neglected in her pasture.
Cheyenne’s neglected in her pasture, notice low barbed wire and field wire fence.
Cheyenne when she was first rescued by The Mustang Project
Cheyenne when she was first rescued by The Mustang Project in 2015.
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