New Holland Bans Photos and Video

New Holland Sales Stable

New Holland, PN – New Holland Sales Stables, the largest horse sale east of the Mississippi, has banned photos and videos on their property, a move that has ignited a firestorm of controversy.  “We have a lot of Amish who come to the sale, and they don’t like their picture being taken to begin with,” auction part owner Ryan Colb told reporters.  The rule will be official once the signs are printed and put up.

Animal welfare advocates believe it is a response to repeated exposures of animal cruelty at the auction on social media.  They believe the rule change was also made to protect the kill buyers who purchase thousands of horse a year and ship them to slaughter from New Holland.

The New Holland sale is no stranger to controversy and allegations of abuse.  In May, 2016, a horse was dropped off at the sale in terrible condition.  When auction workers saw investigators with Animal Angels documenting the condition of the horse, they took the horse to the back, shot it, and dumped it in the trash (link.)   In March, 2015, a partially blind horse that had been shot over 120 times at close range by a paintball gun was found at the New Holland auction (link.)

Those violating the rule will be escorted off the property and banned from coming back.

Photo Source: Animals’ Angels.

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