New Machine Detects Horse Meat

horses heading to slaughter

Madrid, Spain – A new biosensor developed by the Complutense University of Madrid is able to detect horse meat contaminating other meats down to only .5% by volume.  The new biosensor will require an hour to determine, with absolute certainly, whether the specimen is contaminated with horse meat.

“Thus, it is possible to identify selectively and without false positives any type of horse meat, regardless of race,” says F. Javier Gallego, researcher of the department of Genetics of the UCM.

Meat packers in Europe are tempted to mix horse meat, which is cheaper than beef, and sell it as pure beef.  A prominent businessman was found guilty in July for wholesaling a mixture of horse meat and beef as whole beef.  Horse meat’s wholesale value was 2 euros per kilgram, while beef’s wholesale was 3 euros a kilogram.

With the new biosensor, food safety should improve and consumers should know exactly what they are purchasing.

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