Outfitter Tortures And Kills Horse Over 6 Hours

Forest Stearns torturing horse to death.
Forest Stearns torturing horse to death.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming – In a 6 hour ‘training’ session, local outfitter Forest Stearns, owner of Stearns Outfitters, tortured a horse until it died after it kicked at a farrier. Afterwards, as he was washing blood off a saddle, he explained to lifelong friend Robin Winters “The horse died of a [censored] heart attack. Are you happy now?”

Stearns, 63, was employing what some trainers believe to be the only way to break a horse’s spirit and train it. The method involves tying a horse’s legs together and throwing it on the ground. Trainers freely admit, however, that Stearns went beyond training and was torturing the horse. “As a horseman with over 50 years of experience, both from the old school and the new, I view this method of training as unacceptable, unnecessary and cruel. While not one to stick my nose into other people’s business, I couldn’t help but be troubled watching this video, and felt sorry for the horse,” Grant Golliher, author of Chasing a Dream: A Horseman’s Memoir, said. “Sometimes out of frustration and even desperation, we as humans resort to inhumane practices, some of which I was guilty of myself before I learned a better way. Ignorance is usually the culprit.”

Forest Stearns is under investigation by the Teton County Sheriff Department for possible animal cruelty in the case.

This is not the first time Stearns has raised the ire of locals, and many report on Facebook that he regularly abuses horses at the Wilson Arena.  His arrest record shows three years ago Stearns was arrested and booked for drunk driving.

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