PA Proposes License Plates for Buggies

Horse and buggy near Lancaster, PA.
Horse and buggy near Lancaster, PA.

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – Representative Michael K. Hanna, a democratic in the state House representing Centre and Clinton counties, has proposed House Bill 1670.  The bill would levy a $36 license fee for every horse-drawn carriage and buggy in the state, and require every buggy and carriage to display a license plate just as automobiles are required.

The $36 fee would be earmarked for repairing the road damage caused by the pounding hooves and steel wheels.  “[Our constituents] believe the steel wheels on the buggies are destroying the roads, so in order to help pay for repairs, we are introducing this language that will provide for such revenue,” Hanna’s spokesperson told reporters.  It is unclear if the bill will be brought up for a vote.

Anyone caught violating the law would face a $200 fine.

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