Police Horse Dies After Officer Forgets Him

MC Hammer (Source: Denver PD)
MC Hammer (Source: Denver PD)

Denver, Colorado – An officer who killed his mounted patrol horse by neglect has learned his punishment.  In September, officer Joseph Teeter left his 10-year-old mounted police horse in his stall without food or water for 16 hours following a patrol.  MC Hammer, the police horse, had been with the department since 2015.

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When Teeter and MC Hammer returned from patrolling downtown, Teeter tied MC Hammer in his stall, removed his saddle and took it to the tack room.  Teeter then got distracted by paperwork, and forgot to untie MC Hammer.  He was discovered the next morning, still tied in his stall.  He was given food and water, and appeared alert and reactive, but then developed symptoms of colic.

MC Hammer was taken to the veterinarian hospital, where he was treated for colic.  It was determined that he would not recover, and the decision was made to euthanize him.  The medical examiner could not conclusively conclude that his colic was caused by being tied for such an extended period of time.  An internal investigation into Officer Teeter’s actions revealed he did not purposefully neglect MC Hammer.  The investigation concluded and Teeter was docked 1 vacation day for violating department rules.  Officer Teeter is still a member of the Denver Police Mounted Unit and was given another horse.

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