Protesters Use Trip Wires on Police Horses

Police horse
Police Horse

Perth, Australia – Protesters fighting against the Roe 8 highway expansion constructed a complex trip wire web to injure police horses.  The protesters are fighting against the clearing of trees and brush for the highway expansion, and the mounted unit was called to keep the peace.

An officer riding a horse named Matilda accidentally found the wire after Matilda became trapped in the web of razor sharp wires.  Quick thinking by the officer saved Matilda from being seriously injured.  Police believe the 120 feet of wires were designed to sever a horses tendons, leading to permanent damage and euthanasia.  The wire was strung about 12 inches above the ground, at the optimal height to severely injure a horse.

Wire Used to Trip Horses
Wire Used to Trip Horses

Protesters, numbering around 1,000, have clashed with police and dozens of arrests have been made.  Some chained themselves to trees or heavy machinery, while others beat on drums and chanted.  Over 100 officers were dispatched to protect the construction efforts.

Wetlands Defender spokesperson, Nadja, told reporters that none of the persons in their organization would have strung the wire.  She also stated that police should be bringing the protesters food and water.  “Just like we would hope when people are in prison they are fed and given water and looked after.”

Original story and photos: Yahoo News

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