RCMP Riding Master Abuse Scandal

Sgt. Maj. Marc Godue

Canada – The Riding Master for the world-famous Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RMCP) Musical Ride has been removed from office over allegations he abuses horses.  Sgt. Maj. Marc Godue has been with the Musical Ride since 1990, and been Riding Master since 2014.

The allegation details are being kept confidential to avoid influencing the results of the investigation, but Godue has been ordered to leave the Musical Ride stables by officer in charge, Supt. Mike Côté.  “In my 34 years’ experience as a police officer with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, this is the first time, personally, that I ever had to remove an officer from their duties temporarily based on information I have received that would prompt a review from my part.  So that’s how seriously I take it,” Côté told reporters.

Godue is no stranger to allegations of abuse.  In 2004 he was investigated for beating a horse so badly with a riding crop that it was bleeding in the stomach area, punching horses, running horses into walls and having fits of rage towards horses.  Despite the evidence of abusive behavior, he worked his way through the ranks until becoming the face of the Musical Ride.

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