Rider and Horse Killed by Lightning

Horse and rider killed by lightning.
Horse and rider killed by lightning.

Sedalia, Colorado – A 37-year-old woman riding a horse was struck and killed by lightning in a tragic accident near Sedalia.  A 15-year-old girl riding another horse was also seriously injured in the strike.  A 3rd rider was uninjured.

The 3 woman were riding on an equestrian trail near Rainbow Creek, which borders houses.  The 37-year-old unidentified female, her mother, and a 15-year-old family friend were all experienced horse riders.  The 37-year-old was killed immediately when lightning hit her, and the 15-year-old was found conscious and breathing, but was taken to the hospital with serious injuries.

The horse the 37-year-old was riding was killed by the strike.

“There was a storm about 10 minutes ahead of them and a storm they could see behind them. They were trying to meet in kind of that  sweet spot in-between for the storms that were coming, according to the parties involved,” Douglas County Deputy Sheriff Jason Blanchard told reporters.  “Unfortunately they weren’t able to catch, which just goes to show how fast storms move within Colorado weather climates.”


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