Riderless Horse Wins Race

Isere winning race.
Isere winning race.

Geelong, Australia – 23-year-old Katelyn Mallyon’s race started terrible.  Isere reared at the gate, then bucked, throwing the jockey to the ground.

Katelyn Mallyon being thrown from horse.
Katelyn Mallyon being thrown from horse.

Mallyon jumped to her feet and brushed off the dirt, then watched in amazement as Isere recovered from his slow start and galloped past horse after horse.  A photo finished showed Isere edging out Kharir.

“I was very lucky,” Mallyon told Racing.com.  “It was pretty graphic to watch when I came back into the rooms, and it definitely felt graphic. But we’re all ok and the horse is ok.”

Isere was not given the win, and second place Kharir was declared the winner.

Two races later, Mallyon rode to victory on Sistine Saint.

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