T-Rex Spooks Carriage Horses and Causes Injuries

T-Rex Costume that caused carriage accident.
T-Rex Costume that caused carriage accident.

Charleston, South Carolina – An unidentified female dressed in a Tyrannosaurus Rex costume terrified a carriage team, causing injuries to one of the horses and the driver.  The T-Rex allegedly approached the horses and growled at them.

Carriage and horses involved  in accident.
Carriage and horses involved in accident.

When the horses saw the T-Rex, they froze in place.  When the orange T-Rex approached, and allegedly began making growling sounds at the horses, the horses began backing up until the carriage hit a parked car.  During the incident, the driver fell from the carriage, and a wheel ran over his leg.  One of the horses, Yogi, fell but was able to regain his footing quickly.  Yogi suffered minor injuries and was expected to be seen by a vet at 9:00 pm.  None of the 16 passengers in the carriage were injured.

Carriage driver being treated at the scene by EMS.
Carriage driver being treated at the scene by EMS.

Phil Bailey, a public relations representative hired by Palmetto Carriage Works, told reporters he is worried this is a new animal rights activists method to disrupt the carriage industry.  “The concern is that this is a new tactic that animal rights activists are employing.  That’s something that has no place in this city and should be condemned by the city’s leadership.”

Witness’ disagree about the T-Rex’s responsibility for the accident.  Shelby Salvador and her husband Gary were seated at a nearby outdoor restaurant table and watched the scene unfold.  Seeing the orange T-Rex costume, she took out her phone to take pictures.  She then saw the carriage horses trotting towards the person in costume.  When they horses and T-Rex saw each other, they both “froze in place,” she told reporters.  They did not see the T-Rex approach the horses or growl at them.  The entire scene took about 7 minutes they told reporters.

The Charleston Animal Society is offering a $2,500 reward for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the person in the costume.

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