Teen Shoots Two Horses Acting Out Video Game

Luke Wool

Iron Mountain, Michigan – 19-year-old Luke Wool is facing 18 years in prison for shooting two horses, one of which died. He told investigators he was playing the video game “American Sniper” before shooting the horses for fun.

He shot the first horse on February 19, then shot the second horse on March 16 because it “laughed at me” and “draft horses are supposed to be in pairs.”

The draft horses were owned by the Battan family, who used them for farm work and pulling competitions. The horse shot on the 16th was taken to the vet for surgery to remove the bullet from its hindquarter. This was the first time in 42 years they had no horses on their property.

Luke Wool

Wool is facing 18 years in prison for his actions, 10 years for discharging a firearms towards or at an occupied building, and two counts of torturing or killing animals. He is being held on a $10,000 bond.

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