Trainer Rides Horse Across Skywalk

David Cowley riding on skywalk.
David Cowley riding on skywalk.

Jasper National Park, Canada – Trainer David Cowley rode a horse across the Glacier Skywalk for the first, and possibly last, time ever.  The Skywalk suspends people, and in this case a horse and rider, 918 feet above the valley floor below.  “We’re here to show the level of ultimate level of trust between horse and rider.  What I’m hoping for out of this experience is that people who are learning about it for the first time can realize the potential of a relationship that can be built between horse and rider,” Cowley narrates in the video.

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Flanked by 4 spotters, Cowley rode his Palomino horse gingerly around the Skywalk.  When Cowley and his horse finally stepped off the glass and back onto concrete, the spotters showed visible emotion of relief and began cheering.

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