Trespasser Chokes Down, Castrates, Kills Horse

Horse that was attacked and killed (blurred)
Horse that was attacked and killed (blurred)

Bonham, TX – Authorities are searching for the person(s) responsible for mutilating and killing an extremely valuable horse in rural Bonham.  The horse, valued at $50,000, was used for breeding, and the owner believes someone targeted him.  “Evidently somebody knew he was up there and maybe they’re trying to  get back at me,” the owner said.

The owner made the horrible discovery when he found his horse laying dead in the pasture.  “They choked him down. You can see the rope marks before his lost his hair,” the owner told reporters.

After choking the horse down, the people responsible for the attack used a knife to crudely castrate the horse, without pain medication.

“It’s a very bad situation. We’ll be handling it as an animal abuse case which is a felony in itself. A third degree felony,” Fannin County Sheriff Mark Johnson told reporters.

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