Trespassers Caught on Camera Shooting at Horses

3 men shooting at horses.
3 men shooting at horses.

Weed, California – When Mustafa Sabankaya decided to take some pictures of his horses and a new foal, he had no idea trespassers with guns were hiking towards his fence.  When the men stopped at his fence, and leveled their guns at his horses, he leveled his camera at the men.

The 3 men, unidentified at this time, shot several times at Sabankaya’s horses, then left.  None of the horses were hit by the high-powered rifles.  “If they really killed those horses, I don’t know if I would have been anymore upset.  Because for me, emotionally, they did,” Sabankaya told reporters.

Sabankaya posted the photos on social media, and contacted law enforcement.  The California Department of Fish and Game says there is no indication the men were shooting at the horses, but they are being investigated for illegal hunting.


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