Nathan Strahan,
Nathan Strahan,

Unlicensed Horse Dentist Arrested

Weatherford, Texas – Offering to sedate a horse prior to floating its teeth has landed a man in jail.  Nathan Strahan, age 33, advertised his equine dentistry business on Facebook.  His advertising caught the eye of law enforcement, and Special Ranger Wayne Goodman investigated in participation with the Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners.

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Goodman and an employee of the Veterinary Medical Examiners contacted Strahan, and agreed to meet in the parking lot of a grocery store for Strahan to float a horse’s teeth.  Strahan agreed to sedate the horse prior to floating it’s teeth.  When Goodman confronted Strahan about his lack of medical licensing to dispense sedative, Strahan told him he didn’t know he needed a veterinarian prescription because he was from California and didn’t need one there.  Prior discussions with the California Veterinary Board had already confirmed to Goodman that Strahan was under investigation for illegally using equine drugs in California.

Strahan turned over a bottle of Xylazine in his car and 3 more bottles from his house.  The bottles were not marked with a prescription from a veterinarian.  He was arrested, charged with possession of a dangerous drug and violations of veterinarian regulations, book into jail and released on a $3,000 bond.

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