Unlicensed Racing Proliferates in Colorado

Unlicensed Racing
Unlicensed Racing

Fort Upton, Colorado – The unlicensed horse races at Deer Trail Rodeo Grounds had it all: bets, drugs, thousands of spectators and armed security guards.  While the races are legal, they are unlicensed and have no oversight for the horses welfare.

Once the permit for the gathering is approved, there is no law enforcement or racing oversight monitoring the event.  Floss Blackburn, of Denkai Animal Sanctuary, told reporters “They pump (horses) so full of drugs they’re having heart attacks. They’re a tool; they’re a way for these guys to make money, which is not fair to the animal.”  Undercover cameras caught the action, including illegal betting and horses being injected with cocktails of drugs banned at sanctioned races.

The races themselves apparently have no rules.  Whipping of horses is constant and nonstop, and riders veer their horses into others, trying to force the horse into the rail.

The state currently has no laws against unlicensed racing, and the event is legal according to local law enforcement.


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