Walking Horse Industry Vows Fight Against Anti-Abuse Rules

TN Walking Horse on stacks with chains.
TN Walking Horse on stacks with chains.

Shelbyville, TN – The Tennessee Walking Horse industry has vowed to fight against the new anti-soring rules announced Friday by the USDA.  U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander, R-Tenn, is leading the fight against the rules.  He is hopeful the new Agriculture Secretary will not agree with the rules. “I am in favor of wiping out the contemptible and illegal practice of horse soring, not wiping out the century old tradition of showing Tennessee walking horses as this rule could do.  I and other members of Congress introduced legislation last Congress that would end horse soring.”

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Mike Inman, CEO of the Tennessee Walking Horse Celebration, says their legal department is wording an injunction to be filed in court.  “It’s what we anticipated and had been preparing for most of the year.  Our legal team will give us the best approach moving forward.”

Those concerned with animal welfare expected the industry to fight for their right to keep using pain to achieve a desired gait and win blue ribbons.

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