Woman Tricks Officers into Helping Her Steal Horses

Alysia Maloney being arrested.
Alysia Maloney being arrested.

Livingston Parish, Louisiana – Alysia Maloney has been arrested after tricking two uniformed police officers into helping her steal horses.  She is charged with three counts of extortion and one count of obstruction of justice.  She has been released after posting a $100,000 bond.

Baby, one of the three horses taken by Alysia Maloney.
Baby, one of the three horses taken by Alysia Maloney.

Maloney considered herself to be an equestrian and a horse advocate.  “I get calls all the time with people wanting to surrender horses,” Maloney told reporters.  Last Tuesday, Maloney received a report of 3 critical horses that needed help on a Livingston Parish property.  She filed a complaint with the Sheriff department, stating in her report that two of the horses were extremely malnourished and close to death.  The next morning, Maloney emailed Sheriff Ard, asking for an update on the investigation, and informing him of her willingness to transport the seized horses and rehabilitate them.  The Sheriff’s response, stating that they had a veterinarian working on the case, was unsatisfactory to Maloney, and she decided to seize the horses herself.

Horses being taken by  Alysia Maloney.
Horses being taken by Alysia Maloney.

Maloney got an Animal Surrender Form from the Louisiana Animal Cruelty Investigation Task Force, and showed up at Scott Burchfield’s property with two uniformed Police Department officers.  The two officers have assisted Maloney in the past with rescues, and when Maloney told them she was acting on behalf of Sheriff Ard, they agreed to assist.

Maloney told the horse’s owner, Burchfield, that she was there to take the horses, and that he would be facing criminal charges if he did not surrender them.  “She said that she had spoken with Sheriff Ard and that they were going to change the report the following morning and they were going to be pursuing criminal charges against me,” Burchfield told reporters.  The presence of two uniformed officers with their marked patrol cars led Burchfield to believe Maloney.  Burchfield signed the Animal Surrender Form and Maloney loaded his horses.

Scott Burchfield recovering his horses.
Scott Burchfield recovering his horses.

Sheriff Ard was shocked when he saw Maloney’s Facebook post (now hidden) bragging about seizing the horses.  “[She] gets uniformed police officers and tricked them into going to this residence with her and basically forced this man into signing some papers and loaded his horses up and left with them,” said Sheriff Ard.  The Sheriff got a search warrant for Maloney’s property, which allowed the horse’s owner to recover his 3 horses.

Burchfield has agreed to place his horses under veterinarian care and to follow the vet’s treatment plan.

Maloney is still in denial that she did anything wrong.  “I did what I think is right for the horse and I thought we were working alongside the Livingston Parish Sheriff and obviously, they think this is a problem and it’s because they are being called out. Period,” she told reporters.


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