Woman Who Starved Horse Sentenced


Staffordshire, England – A woman has been sentenced to 18 weeks in prison and a lifetime ban of owning animals after starving her horse, Apache.  Judith Bedson, 50, failed to meet the nutritional needs of her pony, and lied to investigators.

Bedson owned three-year-old piebald cob colt for over a year, but when RSPCA investigators asked her, she claimed she only owned him for a week and he was skinny when she got him.  Social media posts told another story.  She also claimed to feed him every night, but there was no evidence of such feed.  “We were being misled from the very start, from how long she had the pony, to how often she attended to see to him and his feeding regime,” RSPCA inspector Laura Bryant told reporters.

The colt was emaciated, and his hips and spine could be felt through his winter coat.

Bedson had hay on her property, but failed to feed Apache and the hay had molded.

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